Although the events of the Komagata Maru incident are almost a hundred years old, many of the diverse individuals tied to this event had lives that stretched beyond 1914. Through rigorous research conducted over decades of work, Professor Hugh Johnston has compiled biographical sketches of many of the major participants, including passengers, government officials, pioneer immigrants, and political activists. These biographies help to shed light on how their lives intersected with the Komagata Maru and how it affected them (traumatically, politically, socially or otherwise) in their later years. The Biographies are organized into 4 categories: Government Officials, Passengers, Shore Committee and Pioneer Immigrants, and Political Activists. Scroll through the lists of individuals and click on the names to read more information. For further information you can also use our Search Box located at the top left corner.




Other Activists

British India

Canadian: Local, Provincial and Dominion

Friends of the South Asian Community

Informants and Their Supporters


Lawyers and Judges

Naval Officers, Canada


Pioneers – other than Shore Committee

Shipping Agent

Shore Committee