The Voyage of the Komagata Maru: The Sikh Challenge to Canada's Colour Bar. Page 99, note 13

13 Gurdit Singh says that after he and his committee had been left to consult for half an hour, a European officer came up to them, watch in hand, saying 'Get down, be quick or you will be killed. I give you fifteen minutes.' With ten minutes to go there was the same warning; at five, again, it was shouted out for all to hear. Then the steamer's siren blew, and the officer shouted that if they did not get off they would be taken out to sea and shot. Who is to say now that one or two police officers did not use such tactics? However, it is clear from Halliday's testimony that the police did not have the power to force the passengers to do anything if they chose to resist. I asked Kartar Singh, who was there, why he got down off the ship, and he said that the officials promised that all their losses would be repaid if they got off. He mentioned no threats.

Title: The Voyage of the Komagata Maru: The Sikh Challenge to Canada's Colour Bar. Page 99, note 13

Subject: Bird, J. Edward; Boards of Inquiry; Budge Budge riot, 1914; Conditions on the ship; Confrontations with passengers; Dayal, Har, 1884-1939; Ghadar Party; Hopkinson, William Charles, 1880-1914; Immigration regulations, Canada; Johnson, Charles Gardner, 1857-1926; S. S. Komagata Maru; Kumar, Guran Ditt; Murder of W. C. Hopkinson; S. S. Panama Maru; Rahim, Husain; H. M. C. S. Rainbow; Reid, Malcolm R. J.; Singh, Gurdit, 1858-1954; Stevens, H. H. (Henry Herbert), 1878-1973

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