The Voyage of the Komagata Maru: The Sikh Challenge to Canada's Colour Bar. Page 70, note 7

7 Reid to Scott, 11 July 1914, Immigration 879545(4); Hopkinson to Cory, 10 July 1914, copy, CO. 42/980; Daily Province, Sun, News-Advertiser, Daily World, 10 July 1914. Reid said enough afterwards to indicate he had been in real danger. Headlines read: 'Hindus try to hold Mr Reid as Hostage'. But Hopkinson, in a full report, while describing the situation as serious and potentially explosive, did not mention any threat to Reid. The passengers wrote the News-Advertiser: 'Yesterday we asked Mr Reid to supply us with water and food. He replied he was thinking the matter, on this we requested him, "How long will take for consideration?" and what would be the use of that when [we] are going to starve. We set example before him, stating that if you are kept in this wretched condition for a day, you will of course come to know "What the real hunger." These are the words we spoke to Mr Reid & added, that if he will not arrange very soon, we shall be compelled to take boats to get ashore when starving. But there is a proverb "Might is right". Who hears us in our such a condition? We are at least men and feel hunger and thirst; but on requesting properly, Mr Reid says that we were going to shoot him. We never did such kind of foolish act. We request the authorities to provide us with necessities.'

Title: The Voyage of the Komagata Maru: The Sikh Challenge to Canada's Colour Bar. Page 70, note 7

Subject: Bird, J. Edward; Boards of Inquiry; Budge Budge riot, 1914; Conditions on the ship; Confrontations with passengers; Dayal, Har, 1884-1939; Ghadar Party; Hopkinson, William Charles, 1880-1914; Immigration regulations, Canada; Johnson, Charles Gardner, 1857-1926; S. S. Komagata Maru; Kumar, Guran Ditt; Murder of W. C. Hopkinson; S. S. Panama Maru; Rahim, Husain; H. M. C. S. Rainbow; Reid, Malcolm R. J.; Singh, Gurdit, 1858-1954; Stevens, H. H. (Henry Herbert), 1878-1973

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