Below you will find a selection of terms, groups, and individuals affiliated with the Komagata Maru story. Please click on any of the glossary keywords to see a selection of material containing that term as well as a brief definition of how that term relates to the Komagata Maru or South Asian Canadian history.

H.M.C.S. Rainbow

Canadian navy ship, called in to escort Komagata Maru.

Harcourt, Lewis, 1863-1922

Secretary of State for the Colonies (1910-1915).

Hardinge, Charles, 1858-1944

Lord Hardinge. Viceroy of India (1910-1916).


A person who practices the Hindu faith or religion. In the early 20th century, all people from India and their descendants were referred to as Hindus or Hindoos, regardless of their religion. Also Hindoo.

Hindustani Association of Canada

Also written Hindustan, Hindoostanee.

Hindustani Association of the USA

Also written Hindustan, Hindoostanee.

Historical research

Refers to material about historical research.

Holderness, T. W., 1849-1924

Under-Secretary of State for India (1912-1920).

Hopkinson, William Charles, 1880-1914

Immigration Inspector and Interpreter. Shot and killed by Mewa Singh, October 21, 1914.

Hori, Y. A.

Japanese Consul, Vancouver (ca. 1914).

Hose, Walter

Commander of the H.M.C.S. Rainbow.

Immigration regulations, Canada

Refers to material about laws and decisions about immigration by the Canadian government.

Immigration regulations, United States

Refers to material about laws and decisions about immigration by the American government.


Refers to material about India.

India and Canada (newspaper)

Newspaper (English), Vancouver, 1929-1936. Katar Singh, editor.

Indian independence movement

Refers to material about the movement for Indian independence from British rule.

Indian National Congress

National political party of India. Also International Congress of India.

Indians in Canada

Refers to material about early Indian communities in Vancouver and Canada.

Indians in the United States

Refers to material about early Indian communities in the United States.

Industrial Workers of the World

Labour organization.