Below you will find a selection of terms, groups, and individuals affiliated with the Komagata Maru story. Please click on any of the glossary keywords to see a selection of material containing that term as well as a brief definition of how that term relates to the Komagata Maru or South Asian Canadian history.

Irish Fusiliers

Canadian Militia regiment. Also called 72nd Highlanders.

Japanese in Canada

Refers to material about Japanese communities in Vancouver and Canada.

Japanese squadron

Sent to Vancouver during Komagata Maru incident. Included 2 ships: Asama and Azuma.

Johnson, Charles Gardner, 1857-1926

Shipping agent, Vancouver (1886-192-).


Frequently a middle name for females of Sikh faith. Some people may also use it as their last name.

Khalsa Diwan Society of B.C.

Sikh organization.

Khalsa Diwan Society, Vancouver

Sikh organization established ca. 1906.

Khalsa Herald (newspaper)

Newspaper, Vancouver, 1911-1912. Kartar Singh, editor.

Khan, Amir Mohammed

Passengers Committee member. Arrested at Budge Budge. Also written Amar.

Komagata Maru Committee of Enquiry (India)

Appointed to look into the Budge Budge riots.

Kor, Harnan

Wife of Bhag Singh. Also written Kaur.

Kor, Kartar

Wife of Balwant Singh. Also written Kaur.

Kumar, Guran Ditt

Indian revolutionary. Editor, The Swadesh Sevak. Also written Gurru Dutta Kumar.

Ladner, W. H. D.

Lawyer. Firm: Bowser, Reid, and Wallbridge.

Lal, Gobind Behari

Also written Behary.

Lal, Sohan

Shore Committee secretary.

Laurier, Wilfrid, 1841-1919

Prime Minister of Canada (1896-1911).

Law, Andrew Bonar, 1858-1923

Colonial Secretary (1915-1916).

Lord Crewe, Robert

See Crewe, Robert, 1858-1945.

Lord Elgin, Victor Bruce

See Bruce, Victor Alexander, 1849-1917.