Below you will find a selection of terms, groups, and individuals affiliated with the Komagata Maru story. Please click on any of the glossary keywords to see a selection of material containing that term as well as a brief definition of how that term relates to the Komagata Maru or South Asian Canadian history.

Lord Grey, Albert

See Grey, Albert, 1851-1917.

Lord Hardinge, Charles

See Hardinge, Charles, 1858-1944.

MacGill, J. H.

Immigration Agent.

Mackenzie King, W. L., 1874-1950

Minister of Labour (1908-1911). Prime Minister of Canada (1921-June 1926, September 1926-1930).

MacNeill, A. H.

Lawyer. Firm: MacNeill, Bird, Macdonald, & Darling.

Mahtab, Bijay Chand

Komagata Maru Committee of Enquiry member (India).


A place of worship in the Hindu religion, a Hindu temple. Also Mandar.


A place of worship in the Islamic faith, a Muslim or Islamic temple.

May, F. H.

Governor of Hong Kong, ca. 1914.

McBride, Richard, 1870-1917

Premier of British Columbia (1903-1915).

McInnes, Thomas R. E., 1867-1951

Vancouver lawyer.

Meighen, Arthur, 1874-1960

Prime Minister of Canada (1920-1921, June-September 1926). Leader of the Opposition (1922-1926).

Morrison, J. Aulay, 1863-1942

Judge, Supreme Court of B.C.

Motivations for immigration

Refers to material about immigrants' reasons for coming to Canada.

Munro, Alexander S.

Immigration Agent and medical inspector. Also written Monroe, Monro.

Murder of W. C. Hopkinson

Refers to material relating directly to the shooting death of William Charles Hopkinson by Mewa Singh, October 21, 1914.

Muslims in Canada

Refers to material relating specifically to Muslim communities in Vancouver and Canada.


Refers to material about negotiations between Komagata Maru passengers and authorities.

Nehru, Jawaharlal, 1889-1964

Also known as Pandit Nehru. Statesman and nationalist leader; first Prime Minister of India after the independence of the country from British rule in 1947.

News-Advertiser (newspaper)

See Vancouver News-Advertiser (newspaper).