Below you will find a selection of terms, groups, and individuals affiliated with the Komagata Maru story. Please click on any of the glossary keywords to see a selection of material containing that term as well as a brief definition of how that term relates to the Komagata Maru or South Asian Canadian history.

Nihang, Amir Singh

Passengers Committee member. Arrested at Budge Budge. Also written Amar.

Oliver, Frank, 1853-1933

Minister of the Interior (1905-1911).

Pacific Coast Hindustan Association

Precursor of the Ghadar Party. See also Ghadar Party.

Pandia, Durai Pal

Lawyer, activist. Travelled to Indian diaspora communities around the world and across Canada, lecturing and organizing Indians about their rights. Assisted the Indian community to win the right to vote as well as to improve the immigration rights.

Passenger list

Refers to material which contains or is a listing of the passengers of the Komagata Maru.

Passengers Committee

Committee of Komagata Maru passengers who communicated with officials on behalf of all passengers.

Pioneer Mail (newspaper)

Newspaper (English), India.


Refers to material related to playwriting.

Pope, Joseph, 1854-1926

Under-Secretary of State for External Affairs (ca. 191-).

Province (newspaper)

See Vancouver Daily Province (newspaper).


Refers to material related to the experience of discrimination due to a person's racial or ethnic background.

Rahim, Husain

Editor of The Hindustanee newspaper. Member of Shore Committee. A.k.a. Chagan Khairaj Varma. Also written Hassan, Hoosain, Raheim.

Ram, Gunga

Also written Ganga.

Ram, Pohlo


Reid, Malcolm R. J.

Dominion Immigration Agent. Later, Special Immigration Officer for Western Canada (ca. 1919).

Reid, Robie Lewis, 1866-1945

Lawyer. Firm: Bowser, Reid, and Wallbridge.


Refers to material about individuals working towards revolution in India and abroad.

Robertson, E. Blake

Assistant Superintendent of Immigration, Canada.

Roche, William James, 1859-1937

Minister of the Interior (1912-1917).

S.S. Komagata Maru

Also called Guru Nanak Jahaz.