Passenger List

Who were the passengers on the Komagata Maru? This question has challenged historians for decades because there has never been one definitive list. Instead, what we have are multiple passenger lists with varying degrees of "authenticity" that feature inconsistencies in everything from the spelling of passengers’ names to places of origin. Compiling a definitive list is even more difficult because some of the original ship’s documents and manifests have been lost.

The lists may be incomplete, but there’s still a lot we can learn. Each passenger list was created for a specific purpose and audience, and therefore include and exclude information based upon what each compiler valued as important. The silences and gaps in knowledge speak to the limits of how much we can know, but also speak to the processes of history collection and deficiencies in the colonial archive.

Our researcher has compiled a list that brings together information from a variety of passenger lists and presents them in an attempted “master list”. You can click on a particular passenger to view detailed information and (where possible) follow a link to further biographical information. Within this attempt is an acknowledgement that there are facts that are still unknown and that the list can change over time as new sources are found.

Assa Singh Bhagat Singh Achhar Singh Arjan Singh Sujan Singh Indar Singh Mit Singh Baghel Singh Narain Singh Surain Singh Indar Singh Thaman Singh Bur Singh Hakam Singh Harnam Singh Lal Singh Jawala Singh Sawan Singh Mangal Singh Thakar Singh Daljit Singh Bhan Singh Bir Singh Dr. Raghunath Singh Kishen Kaur Nihal Kartar Singh Harnam Singh Amar Singh Teja Singh Kishan Singh Rattan Singh Lal Singh Bansi Singh Bhag Singh Narain Singh Rur Singh Deva Singh Dalip Singh Chanda Singh Ram Rattan Gurdit Singh Mall Singh Naraung Singh Nand Singh Jehar Singh Naraung Singh Wadhava Singh Gajjan Singh Inshalla Sing Indar Singh Surjan Singh Dyal Singh Surain Singh Beant Singh Hira Singh Pir Singh Ratan Singh Paran Singh Banta Singh Mala Singh Munsha Singh Atar Singh Sher Singh Bagga Singh Harnam Singh Dalip Singh Harbishan Singh Khan Mohammed Gulab Singh Bela Singh Nadur Singh Shinhan Singh Jahangir Singh Dyal Singh Kapur Singh Bahaudin Narain Singh Sapuran Singh Indar Singh Narain Singh Khusha Singh Hazara Singh Sundar Singh Narain Singh Wazir Singh Nor Singh Usham Singh Rur Singh Nar Singh Harnam Singh Surjan Singh Ishor Singh Arjan Singh Chanda Singh Bahal Singh Bur Singh Shinha Singh Pal Singh Bishan Singh Gauhar (Gaur) Khan Qasim Ali Sher Singh Ram Singh Nand Singh Munha Singh Santa Singh Harnam Singh Chanda Singh Bhagwan Singh Amir Mohammed Khan Husharia Singh Sundar Singh Sher Singh Sarup Singh Nand Singh Ralla Munsha Singh Kapur Singh Pala Singh Munsha Singh Partap Singh Prem Singh Bakhtar Singh Anwar Khan Surain Singh Sewa Singh Kishan Singh Kehar Singh Bishan Singh Gaibal Singh Dogar Dingh Bhan Singh Kehar Singh Bhola Taihal Singh Bhan Singh Arjan Singh Ram Chand Suba Singh Vir Singh Dewa Singh Mian Mohammed Kehar Singh Gurdit Singh Bishan Singh Thakar Singh Panjab Singh Shamsher Singh Bishan Singh Pakbar Singh Thakar Singh Mangal Singh Karam Singh Yasin Arjan Singh Hadyat Vir Singh Sadhu Singh Gurmukh Singh Kehar Singh Harnam Singh Jand Singh Bhagwan Singh Bahadur Singh Gobind Singh Sarup Singh Karam Alahi Malla Singh Mall Singh Indar Singh Arjan Singh Haji Singh Jimand Singh Sirkhuru Singh Barkat Singh Chanan Singh Keshar Singh Bhagwan Singh Indar Singh Ali Sundar Singh Bir Singh Darbara Singh Sada Singh Ramizan Hira Singh Faqir (Fakir) Mohammed Ram Singh Budh Singh Nanda Singh Hardit Singh Ishar Singh Badan Singh Kishan Singh Lal Singh Kihar Singh Munsha Singh Mehma Singh Puran Singh Jiwan Singh Mangal Singh Basant Singh Jaingal Singh Badan Singh Sirkhuru Singh Aur Khan Lakhraj Khan Hira Singh Gadhi Ram Jawaya Indar Singh Santa Singh Indar Singh Nanak Singh Vir Singh Bishan Singh Ganda Singh Gurdit Singh Amar Singh Dan Singh Pohlo Ram Harnam Singh Santa Singh Jiwan Singh Rala Singh Gurbhajan Singh Jagat Singh Partap Singh Tara Singh Kahal Singh Indar Singh Gurbax Singh Sota Singh Indar Singh Phuman Singh Shiv Singh Ganesha Singh Palla Singh Ralla Singh Bhag Singh Rajinder Singh Vir Singh Mota Singh Kartar Singh Mastu Singh Parbha Songh Bhagat Singh Ram Sing Rai Singh Kundar Singh Basu Singh Amrik Singh Puran Singh Bax Singh Surain Singh Kirpa Singh Puran Singh Kishan Singh Natha Singh Fauh Sher Bagh Ali Sher Mohamed Tara Singh Lachman Singh Kakh Singh Burlei Singh Puran Singh Mall Singh Santokh Singh Sundar Singh Bijla Singh Karam Dad Amar Singh Ramja Bachitar Singh Munshi Palla Singh Chanar Singh Gurmukh Singh Balla Singh Bhajan Singh Ram Singh Chanan Singh Mongal Singh Attar Singh Jai Singh Narain Singh Sundar Singh Bishan Singh Shar Singh Sundar Singh Serjan Singh Sundar Singh Mena Singh Nanad Singh Bedhi Singh Sucha Singh Lall Singh Karam Singh Indar Singh Sundar Singh Ajaib Singh Natha Singh Kehar Singh Mahanga Singh Mohan Singh Dalip Singh Indar Singh Gay Singh Bagga Singh Karta Ram Ishar Singh Bhag Singh Gawand Singh Gai (smudged) Singh Ranjit Singh Lucha Singh Baghel Singh Harnam Singh Santa Singh Jati Singh Sundar Singh Kishen Kaur Gunna Singh Mangat Singh Shirha Singh Indar Singh Laka Singh Ayar Singh Kirpa Singh Fauja Singh Partap Singh Kera Singh Kishan Singh Assa Singh Wazir Singh Harnam Singh Sher Singh Bhagat Singh Kehu Singh Dan Singh Ghagar Singh Kartar Singh Mastan Singh Harnam Singh Prem Singh Nand Singh Buta Singh Dhian Singh Mastan Singh Mit Singh Mit Singh Sundar Singh Bela Singh Chet Singh Indar Singh Kishan Singh Kakar Singh Mana Singh Partap Singh Maya Singh Bahadar Singh Gaudesha Singh Chanan Singh Santa Singh Puran Singh Gurmukh Singh Darblajan Singh Bachan Singh Fauja Singh A baby girl Nabt Kamal Singh Thandy S. Gurdit Singh Charterer Bant Singh Santa Singh