Lesson Plans

For high schools and teachers we have created a 5 session lesson plan that utilizes the website in order to go deeper in the understanding of the Komagata Maru. The aim of the modules is to provide students with an understanding of the Komagata Maru incident. There are a number of complex issues surrounding the Komagata Maru, including the context in which the ship arrived in Vancouver; exclusionary national policies; and how South Asian communities have developed and progressed in Canada over the last 100 years.

Lesson Plan 1: The Komagata Maru Incident: Setting the Context

Lesson Plan 2: Media Representations of the Komagata Maru Incident: Separating the Sense from the Nonsense

Lesson Plan 3: Turning Points in the History of South Asian Canadians

Lesson Plan 4: The Komagata Maru Incident: Understanding Apologies 

Lesson Plan Grade 4: All of Us Are Different

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