The Voyage of the Komagata Maru: The Sikh Challenge to Canada's Colour Bar. Page 7, note 12

12 Extract from Liverpool Courier, 21 May 1908, Immigration 536999(2); Col. E. J. E. Swayne, Governor of British Honduras, confidential memorandum on the Indian community in British Columbia, Dec. 1908, Asiatic Immigration (Confidential Prints), Borden Papers. Police reports on Taraknath were compiled by the Criminal Intelligence Dept. in Delhi along with a host of similar records. During the first World War, a confidential summary was prepared by James Campbell Ker, formerly personal assistant to the Director of Criminal Intelligence. This document, covering the period 1907-17 and titled Political Trouble in India, was prepared for senior officials in the British Indian government to give them an overview that weekly intelligence reports, read and burned, never could do. In 1973 Political Trouble in India was reprinted and published by Oriental Publishers, Delhi, and it is an invaluable source. Taraknath's background is given on pp. 119-20.

Title: The Voyage of the Komagata Maru: The Sikh Challenge to Canada's Colour Bar. Page 7, note 12

Subject: Bird, J. Edward; Boards of Inquiry; Budge Budge riot, 1914; Conditions on the ship; Confrontations with passengers; Dayal, Har, 1884-1939; Ghadar Party; Hopkinson, William Charles, 1880-1914; Immigration regulations, Canada; Johnson, Charles Gardner, 1857-1926; S. S. Komagata Maru; Kumar, Guran Ditt; Murder of W. C. Hopkinson; S. S. Panama Maru; Rahim, Husain; H. M. C. S. Rainbow; Reid, Malcolm R. J.; Singh, Gurdit, 1858-1954; Stevens, H. H. (Henry Herbert), 1878-1973

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