Barkatullah, Maulana (c. 1864-1928)

Moulana Barkatullah (also Barakatullah) was a Muslim from Bhopal in central India who had spent several years in England and in the U.S. before he was appointed professor at Tokyo University in 1909 and became editor of the Islamic Fraternity, an anti-British paper finally suppressed by the Japanese government in 1912. With Balwant Singh he brought copies of the Ghadr aboard the Komagata Maru when it it docked in Yokohama on its way to Canada. He was dismissed from his university position in 1914 and subsequently took a leading role in the Ghadr party in San Francisco. After the outbreak of war he went to Europe and then joined the (anti-British) Indo-German mission to Istanbul in 1915. He spent the remaining war years in Germany and made Germany his base after the war. But he visited California late in the summer of 1927, in support of the anti-communist minority in the then bitterly divided Ghadr party; he died in Sacramento that September.

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