Bir Singh, Gurusur (c. 1891- )

Bir Singh of Gurusar village near Kotbhai in Muktsar District (then part of Faridkot), Punjab, was joint-secretary to Gurdit Singh on the Komagata Maru and a member of the Passengers Committee. He was a student on his way to the United States for study, along with Daljit Singh, when the two of them stopped at the Hong Kong gurdwara and, after hearing Gurdit Singh speak, got involved with the Komagata Maru. Before the ship left Hong Kong, Gurdit Singh sent Bir Singh to Shanghai to recruit and organize the passengers who boarded there. He was related to Jawala Singh, one of the principal Sikh settlers in California and a Ghadr Party activist. On board the Komagata Maru he was a prominent speaker and activist at meetings. On the return voyage, Bir Singh and Harnam Singh disembarked at Kobe to go to Shanghai to collect men for the planned Ghadr rising. 

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