Harnam Singh, Kahuta (c. 1883- )

Harnam Singh, known as Master Harnam Singh and also as Arjan Singh, was another of Gurdit Singh’s lieutenants on the Komagata Maru. He was the son of Bhag Singh Mahajan from Kahuta, Rawalpindi, in west Punjab and he attended Khalsa College in Amritsar. He was a member of the Passengers Committee and one of Gurdit Singh’s most politically militant lieutenants. On the return journey of the Komagata Maru, he left the ship in Japan along with Bir Singh and together they took the Mishma Maru to Singapore. When he returned to India on another ship, he avoided arrest on arrival. Then, when the Indian authorities began rounding up Ghadrites in Punjab, he slipped into Afghanistan. He was imprisoned and released in 1915 by Afghan authorities in Kabul; he was still in Afghanistan in 1932 when he was again arrested for anti-Afghan government and anti-British activities.

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