Jolliffe, A.L. (1885-1980)

Arthur Leigh Jolliffe was a career Canadian civil servant who was employed in the Vancouver immigration office at the time of the Komagata Maru. He was born in Southampton, England and raised on the Island of Guernsey, the son of a railway clerk. He joined the Canadian civil service as an immigration officer in Vancouver on 29 December, 1913, and he replaced Malcolm Reid as Immigration Agent a year later and held that position until 1918. He was then successively immigration commissioner for the Pacific region from 1919 to 1924; immigration commissioner from 1925 to 1944; director of the immigration department from 1945 to 1950; and, in the last year of his service, Special Adviser on Immigration to the Deputy Minister of Citizenship and Immigration. He retired 1 April 1951.

Sources: Library and Archives Canada, Historical Personnel Files Collection, RG 32, Laval Fortier to Treasury Board re Jolliffe’s retirement, 16 Feb., 1951 and Memorandum for the Establishment Book of the Department of the Interior, 31 Jan., 1914, re Jolliffe’s appointment.