Kartar Singh Hundal, Bundala (1889-1967)

Kartar Singh Hundal was the son of Hari Singh of the village of Bundala, near Jandiala, in the Amritsar District. He attended Khalsa College in Amritsar, and emigrated to North America in 1911. Between 1912 and 1914 he edited the Sansar, published in English and Punjabi in Victoria, but he left for Toronto along with several of his Sansar associates when threatened by militant activists. He reacted at that time by abandoning his Sikh symbols, shaving and discarding his turban; he stayed in Toronto until 1929 before returning to Vancouver. He remained, nonetheless, a tireless worker for the Sikh and South Asian community, supporting the struggle for India and promoting the full citizenship rights of South Asians in Canada. 

Sources: Hugh Johnston, Jewels of the Qila: The Remarkable Story of an Indo-Canadian Family (Vancouver, UBC Press, 2011).