Kartar Singh, Nawan Chand (1888-1944)

Kartar Singh, the son of Sunder Singh, was born in Navan Chand, near Moga, Ferozepore district. He was an educated man with a good command of English. He came to Canada in 1907 and, by 1912, he was a real estate broker. In 1914, he was involved in the Komagata Maru incident as a member of the Shore Committee. In November 1914 he was arrested on a charge of procuring Mewa Singh to murder Hopkinson, but released for lack of evidence. He left Vancouver with Balwant Singh in December 1914 and was arrested in India in 1915 in connection with the Lahore Conspiracy Case and sentenced to life imprisonment. He served twenty years, first in Punjab in the Central Jail in Montgomery, then the Reclamation Adult Farm in Burewala, and finally in Rajahmudra Jail in South India. For thirteen years he was a prison-mate of Sant Randhir Singh and their prison dialogues on spiritual matters have been published in English under the title The Meaning of Sikh Baptism, translated by Trilochan Singh. Kartar Singh wrote of his experiences in Canada, but the book was never published.

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