Ladner, W.H.D. (1879-1924)

William Henry Douglas Ladner was one of the lawyers who argued the governernment’s case against the passengers of the Komagata Maru. He was born in St. John’s, Newfoundland, the son of an English-born (Cornish) Methodist preacher and his Newfoundland wife. He had two siblings. His family settled in the Yale District of British Columbia before 1901, while he was still a student. In Vancouver he became was a member of the law firm of Bowser, Reid & Wallbridge, immigration and customs department lawyers, and he specialized in county and police court work while taking on some supreme court cases. Robie L. Reid was a senior partner in the firm and Ladner acted with Reid for the government against the Komagata Maru passengers in the Munshi Singh test case. He later moved with his young family to Vernon, B.C., where he practiced law, and he was living there when he was killed in a motor vehicle acident in 1924.

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