MacGill, James H. (1869-1939)

James H. MacGill was the Dominion Immigration Agent in Vancouver from August 1908 to March 1912. He was Scots-Canadian born on May 10, 1869 in Erindale, Peel County Ontario and he graduated in Arts with a BA and MA from the University of Toronto. In 1893 he was called to the bar in British Columbia. In 1911, after three years as Immigration Agent, he took six months leave to recover from complications following an appendicitis operation. He was on leave in England that September when he was appointed Controller of Chinese immigration as well as Immigration Agent. This raised a question about his salary—whether the twin responsibility justified an increase. He was already maintaining a private law practice on the side, although, with the Department’s concurrence, the Vancouver MP H.H. Stevens intervened unsympathetically to secure MacGill’s release and Malcolm R.J. Reid’s appointment to both positions. MacGill was the lawyer that W.C. Hopkinson employed when he wrote his will in 1910.

Source:  Library and Archives, Canada, Immigration Files, RG76, vol. 333, file 334241.