Mitt Singh, Pandori (1888-1959)

Mitt Singh was a member of the Shore Committee for the Komagata Maru. He was from the village of Pandori, Ludhiana, Punjab and immigrated to Canada with a number of other villagers in 1907. He worked in lumber mills in Vancouver and New Westminster and was secretary of the Vancouver Khalsa Diwan Society from March 1912 until July 1914. In the summer of 1914, he was a member of the Shore Committee acting on behalf of the Komagata Maru passengers. He was present in the Vancouver temple at the time of the Bela Singh shooting outrage. At Mewa Singh’s funeral, Mitt Singh officiated. He became granthi (lay priest) of the Sikh gurdwara in Abbotsford, B.C. in 1915; and in April of that year, while he was addressing twenty Sikhs in the gurdwara, a friend of Bela Singh’s, Pratap Singh, shot him in the shoulder and seriously injured him. Pratap Singh was arrested and subsequently sentenced to four years in jail. Mitt Singh spent six years in India from 1923 to 1929 and was active in the Akali party. He was elected to the executive of the Shiromani Gurdwars Prabandhak Committee, the management committee for Sikh shrines in Punjab, and he was appointed manager of the historic Muktsar gurdwara. He came back to British Columbia via California in 1929 and stayed for ten years before returning to his village in India.

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