Rajah Singh, Barian Kalan (1880- )

Rajah Singh, also known as Hazara Singh, was closely associated with the Shore Committee at the time of the Komagata Maru. He was the son of Sujan Singh from the village of Barian Kalan, Mahalpur, Hoshiapur district, Punjab. He had seen service on a hospital ship during the Boxer Rebellion in China and had been in the Gwalior State Cavalry until about 1903. Before coming to Vancouver in 1906, he spent three years in Hong Kong. In Vancouver he worked in a saw mill while taking a prominent role in the gurdwara and serving as secretary of the United India League. He was a member of a 1911 delegation to Ottawa along with Teja Singh, Dr. Sunder Singh and Rev. L.W. Hall; with them he met the Minister of the Interior on 27 and 29 November 1911. When the Komagata Maru was expected to arrive in Canadian waters, he accompanied Husain Rahim on a launch that  tried to intercept the ship and redirect it to Port Alberni—seeking to take advantage of a loophole in a regulation that prohibited the landing of immigrant labourers at B.C. ports—but missed Port Alberni. They failed to find the Komagata Maru in the open sea and it carried on to Victoria.

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