Ram Singh (c. 1888-1918)

Ram Singh was a Ghadr Party activist in Vancouver and California. He was from the Jullunder district, in Punjab, and immigrated to Canada in 1906. After six years he went home for a visit and then returned to Canada in September 1913. He had acquired property in British Columbia and was reputedly wealthy. In September 1914 he was involved in the shooting death of a Vancouver Sikh named Arjan Singh—a friend of Bela Singh—but  a jury found the shooting to be accidental and he was acquitted of murder. He was later active in California in the Ghadr party as an ally of Bhagwan Singh in opposing the leadership of Ram Chandra the editor of Hindustan Ghadr. On the last day of the San Francisco conspiracy trial, on 23 April 1918, it was Ram Singh who shot Ram Chandra in the courtroom and who was shot and killed on the spot by a U.S. marshall.

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