Rattan Singh (c. 1876-1915)

Rattan Singh (alias Partap Singh Kotli) was the victim of a shooting in Vancouver involving the immigration informant Bela Singh. He had been with Bela Singh and two of his other friends, on 18 March 1915, when they were attacked in an Indian store on Granville Street by Jagat Singh of Mehra Bhutwind who fired shots from two revolvers killing Rattan Singh, wounding a companion, and putting a bullet through Bela Singh’s coat. Jagat Singh was convicted of murder and executed, but at his trial he claimed that Bela Singh had given him $100 and a gun to kill two other men.

Sources:  I.M. Muthanna, People of India in North America. Part First (Bangalore: Printed at Lutus Printers, 1975).