Santa Singh (1887-1914)

Santa Singh, the son of Brahm Singh, (village not identified)  had ticket no. 17 which made him one of the first passengers to board the Komagata Maru, in Hong Kong. He had been living in Hong Kong for some time and had been employed as a night watchman. When the ship arrived in Vancouver he  suffered an actute attack of asthma and was taken off the ship to Vancouver General Hospital. There he died a week later, on June 5, 1914, making him—under these sad circumstances—one of the few passengers go ashore in Canada. The immigration doctor, Dr. A.S. Munro, who attended him, identified pulmonary tuberculosis as the underlying cause of his death. The personal particulars on his death certificate were supplied by a local Sikh named Kartar Singh who was then living on 3rd Avenue West in Vancouver and who likely arranged for his cremation by a local undertaker.

Sources: Library and Archives Canada, Immigration Files, RG 76;  B.C. Death Certificate, Reg. No. 1914 4013139730