Introduction to the interactive timeline

Re-mapping the world through the lens of the Komagata Maru story brings up interesting connections to local and international events. This Interactive Timeline provides an avenue for viewing the events of the Komagata Maru geographically and chronologically, situating it with other major events. As well, the timeline stretches beyond the borders of 1914 to look at the continuous history of the South Asian community in Canada.

The first part of the Timeline features four distinct regions: Northern India, London, Ottawa, and Vancouver and looks at how inter-related events affected South Asians at global and local levels. The second part of the Timeline features a present-day world map and illustrates some of the major moments in South Asian Canadian history after the partition of British India into India and Pakistan. These events include political victories such as gaining the right to vote and changes in immigration policy to recognizing community and personal achievements.

To navigate the Interactive Timeline you can scroll through the years at the top of the map. Hover over the pinpoints to find out about an event or historical document and click on the documents themselves to see further information and its relationship to other historical moments.

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